Sinopack Search values long-term relationships over short term gain, and we achieve this by placing quality at the heart of everything that we do. Our Consultants strive to understand not only what your business does, but also its culture, its values, and its strategic direction.

This consultative and quality-focused approach to recruitment ensures that we only provide candidates who are the best possible fit for your business.

This quality over quantity, consultative approach to search, has been the bedrock of our success in establishing long terms partnership relationships with our clients. As our deep understanding of their needs, ensures that we only provide candidates who are the best possible fit for their business.

At Sinopack Search we make it our business to understand the DNA of your business. It's our belief that for us to work with you successfully, we've got to know your business inside out.


Understanding your business

Unlike most recruiters, we consider that in order to successfully do our job, it is essential we know more about your business than reading your website. In order to do this, we'll arrange sessions with your Directors and Senior Management Team, as well as your HR team and other key people. This enables us to get a real insight into your company's culture, understanding your markets and strategy for the future.

The Ideal Candidate

spending time with your business supports us in ensuring we know exactly the type of candidates you want to attract to your business. We don't just look at the required experience of an individual, we understand what skills, behaviours and values the candidate will need to have to be successful in the role.

Bespoke Recruitment

at this stage, we'll know exactly what it is you are looking for so we work together to ‘build' an exclusive, bespoke recruitment process in order to target the optimum candidate. Sinopack will work closely with you to draw up a comprehensive role and applicant specification before executing techniques such as headhunting, advertising and networking to attract suitable candidates. Sinopack attracts the cream of the markets' talent and will work with you to find the most cost-effective and time-sensitive solution for your business.

Ongoing Support

through interview and psychometric assessment we profile the candidates set against the benchmark to create a shortlist of candidates that not only have the right experience for the role but have the right DNA for the business.

Understanding your business

Once we have helped you secure the best candidate for your business, we conduct a project feedback session with you to gain an insight into the delivery of the process and assess the impact of the successful candidate. We also get feedback from the candidate about how good they thought we were, you were and how you can get the best out of them for your business.

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